XDT 2022 Summer Intensive

2022 XDT Summer Intensive 

Xing Dance Theater 2022 summer intensive youth edition is designed to help students rapidly improve dance technique and performance skills in a short four-week training program. Students will engage in  two two-week sessions with XDT professional company dancers and choreographers in studios to study a variety of dance techniques and training methods.


Section 1: June 20 – July 1
Second 2: August 1- August 12

Location: the University of Maryland, the Clarice Performing Arts Center
8270 Alumni Dr, College Park, MD 20742

Bus Service:
Tysons, VA: 8:45AM-return 6:15PM
8478 Tyco Rd. Vienna, VA 22182

Rockville, MD: 9:15AM-return 5:45PM
100 Park Ave, Rockville, MD 20850

2022 XDT Summer Intensive Facility

University of Maryland

the Clarice Performing Arts Center


Class Waiting Area

Food Center

Class Waiting Area(changing room, shower)

 Dance Studio

 Dance Studio

 Dance Studio

 Dance Studio

The Previous XDT Workshop

The inaugural Xing Dance Theater Workshop was hosted in China before the pandemic. Through a very competitive application process, less than half of the applicants were selected. In total there were 76 participants from over 30 cities, 28 were university faculty, and 48 students representing 24 universities. 11 hold an MFA in Dance, and 41 hold a BFA in Dance.
The faculty team, included choreographers, dancers, production design collaborators from Xing Dance Theater, as well as dancer from Bill T. Jones Company, instructor in Martha Graham technique, an artistic director from a metropolitan dance company in South Korea.  Nearly three years later and through a pandemic, this group is still engaged as a result of their experience.
Classes included modern, jazz technique, Improvasation, choreography, dance production in projection and lighting, and XDT repertory.
This year, XDT Summer Intensive is back in person and will be hosted in Maryland.


Review 2022 XDT Summer Intensive Session I 6.20-7.1


Xing Dance Theater is a movement research based company located in DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. By combining Chinese and Modern dance, XDT connects audiences to the rich and many Chinese cultures. XDT actively researches Chinese dance and provides educational opportunities to engage Chinese-American and non Chinese-American populations.

Since its founding in 2016, XTD has been invited and selected to perform at  the 2016 NextNow Festival, 2017 The Clarice Performing Art Center Second Season, 2018 Maryland Campaign, 2018 Peabody Spring Dance Showcase, 2018 Washington DC Global Perspectives Festival, 2018 Beijing Dance Festival, 2018 Maryland Dance Festival, 2019 The Kennedy Center China Spring New Year Festival Gala, 2019 Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival, 2019 Beijing Dance Festival, 2019 Richmond Dance Festival, 2019/2021 Japan SAI International Dance Festival, 2019 Detroit City Dance Festival, 2019 City Dance Festival Choreography Showcase  -Taiyuan, 2019 Seoul Choreography International Festival South Korea, 2019 Dance Gallery Festival New York City, 2020/2021 Joy of Dance OY Finland International Dance Gala, 2020/2021 Mexico City International Contemporary Dance Festival, 2021/2022 Asian Contemporary Ballet Festival South Korea, Dance Place 2020 Season Washington DC, 2021 DC Choreography Dance Festival, 2021 Singapore International Dance Festival, 2022 SpectorDance’s Choreographers Showcase. 2022 Contemporary Dance Choreography Festival, 2022 NBA Washington Wizards Game Halftime guest performance, Asia North 2022 Festival.

Xing Dance Theater Dancers
Allen Chunhui Xing

Artistic Director
Xing Dance Theater

Allen Chunhui Xing is a dancer and choreographer based in DMV area. He holds a BFA in Dance from Shanxi Academy of Arts, a M.Ed. from Salisbury University, and a MFA in Dance from University of Maryland. He currently is the Artistic Director of Xing Dance Theater and City Dance Festival. He is a former member of Huajin Dance Drama Ensemble (China) and performed in the production Forbidden Fruit Under the Great Wall which internationally toured from 2007-2011. Rapture as performer by PEARSONWIDRIG DANCETHEATER 2015. A Man’s Requiem as soloist by Korea Busan Metropolitan Dance Company 2018, 2022. Casita as performer at Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival by PrioreDance 2018.

His work has been invited and selected to perform nationally and internationally including at the Dance Gallery Festival NYC, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, NextNow Festival, Maryland Campaign, Peabody Spring Dance Showcase, Washington DC Global Perspectives Festival, Maryland Dance Festival, Beijing Dance Festival, On the Move at the Kennedy Center, Baltimore Dance Invitational, Richmond Dance Festival, Peabody Dance! Festival, Detroit Dance City Festival, SpectorDance’s Choreographers Showcase, Japan SAI International Dance Festival, Finland Joy Of Dance OY International Gala, Seoul Choreography International Festival, Asian Contemporary Ballet Festival, Mexico International Contemporary Dance Festival, Dance Place 2020 season production, the Clarice second season production, and 2021 DC Choreography Dance Festival. Xing is the Both 2020 Baltimore and Maryland State Independent Artist First Place Award awardee, 2021 Baker Artist Award recipient, 2021 Russian Season School Choreography Grant recipient, 2021 Baltimore Artist Relief Grant First Place Award, 2021 Singapore International Dance Festival Choreography Gold Award.

Abraham Texidor Aguilera

Xing Dance Theater Dancer / XDT Education Faculty

Abraham Texidor Aguilera is a performance curator, dancer, choreographer, videographer, video editor, dance teacher,and mentor. He is intrigued by the sense of reality, the self, culture, and nature. At age 14 he received a scholarship from Ballet Señorial where he trained in classical ballet based on Cuban methodology, modern, contemporary, afro-caribbean, folk, jazz, hip-hop, and latin dance. Texidor worked there as a dancer, instructor, and choreographer. He collaborated with Hincapié both as a dancer and choreographer. He has been part of the cast of Andanza, training in contact improvisation, improvisation, fighting monkey, flying low, and passing through. He was also a resident artist of the Luis A. Ferré Performing Arts Center in 2016. Texidor has offered workshops in multiple communities in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and New York City. He has both performed and staged his work in international venues. Texidor was a co-director for Conocidos Pasajeros with whom he also co-produced dance events in Puerto Rico. Texidor completed a Dance MFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and a BA with concentrations in Psychology, Sociology, and Criminology from the University of Puerto Rico. Texidor currently co-directs NA2 Dance Theater, an independent company that has been creating work since Fall 2014.

Abraham Texidor Aguilera

Xing Dance Theater Dancer / XDT Education Faculty

Norberto Collazo Ortiz– Aibonito, Puerto Rico. His interest in dance began at age 10 when he joined Ballet Jatibonuko in his hometown. Five years later he joined the Ballet Juvenil Puertorriqueño, receiving training in folk dance. His training includes various genres such as: street jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, modern, Afro-Caribbean, contact improvisation, fighting monkey, and improvisation. By 2003 Collazo joined Hincapié, being both dancer and choreographer directed by Petra Bravo. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Individualized Studies in Contemporary Dance and Body Expression in Pedagogy, from the University of Puerto Rico. Collazo joined the cast of Andanza Contemporary Dance Company in August 2009 where he also choreographed. In 2014 Collazo was the first resident artist of the Arts Residency Program of the Center Of Fine Arts Luis A. Ferré. He also worked as a guest soloist for Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico in productions like Carmina Burana (2014), Giselle (2008) and El Festival de Coreógrafos (2012). Norberto Collazo also has imparted workshops in various communities in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Guatemala. Collazo have staged his work in international venues like Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chile, New Jersey, Orlando, New York, Spain, and Prague. Among the independent dance events he has directed and produced are: Inventario (2010), Físico Relativo (2011), Disparejas (2011), Físico Relativo 100 x 35 (2012) Warning on the move (Quadrennial in Prague), SóloDos en Danza Rumbo a Costa Rica (2015), Conocidos Pasajeros (2016). He completed a Dance MFA at Tisch School for the Performing Arts at NYU. Collazo is co-director and choreographer of NA2, where he works with contemporary dance and movement related arts.



埃德里斯 现任舞团演员,XDT邢舞教育课程导师。

埃德里斯来自波多黎各,是舞蹈演员,编导,和青年教育家,毕业于波多黎各USC大学舞蹈系。她专长爵士舞,当代舞,现代舞,芭蕾,Hip-Hop, 拉丁舞,舞蹈特殊技术技巧,歌唱和音乐剧等。使埃德里斯有着精炼的舞蹈技术,并且有着多年的表演和演唱的系统训练。她曾在好莱坞电影《West Side Story》,和《Resiliencia》,COSVI, Burger King, Tito El Bambino 的广告/音乐MTV,舞台剧《爱丽丝梦境》,《Shrek Musical》,以及《RanCanCan》,《Hincapie》,《Resilencia》,《Ritmo Boricua》, 《Ellos tambien bailan》等多个舞剧和舞蹈作品中担任重要角色。



路易斯 2021年加入Xind Dance Theater 邢舞剧场,现任舞团演员,XDT邢舞教育大师课讲师,《邢舞技术》舞蹈教育课程教研团队成员。路易斯来自波多黎各,舞蹈演员,编导,导演,和青年教育家。专长爵士舞,当代舞,舞蹈特殊技术技巧,体操技术。多年系统的训练,使路易斯有着精炼的舞蹈技术。他是波多黎各多个舞蹈电影作品中的主演。路易斯也是一名非常优秀和有着多年经验的舞蹈教师。他擅长教授爵士舞技术,剧目,当代舞,以及艺术体操技术。很多波多黎各优秀的舞蹈演员和艺术体操运动员都是他培养出来的。路易斯将担任邢舞剧场2021年演出季美国,韩国,芬兰和墨西哥等多个世界巡演站剧目的主演。同时,他也将从2021夏季开始,加入邢舞教育的大师课团队。



吉瓦尼 2021年加入Xind Dance Theater 邢舞剧场,现任舞团演员,XDT邢舞教育大师课讲师,《邢舞技术》舞蹈教育课程教研团队成员。路易斯来自波多黎各,舞蹈演员,青年教育家。专长芭蕾,爵士舞,当代舞,舞蹈特殊技术技巧,体操技术。从小开始学习芭蕾,有着精湛的芭蕾舞和爵士舞技术。他曾是波多黎各芭蕾舞团的主要演员。目前在邢舞剧场担任双人舞演员和重要舞剧角色。前不久,他刚刚获得美国奥兰多舞蹈大赛的独舞金奖。



詹姆斯 现任邢舞剧场舞团演员,XDT邢舞教育课程导师。

詹姆斯斯来自波多黎各,是舞蹈演员,编导,和青年教育家。他专长爵士舞,当代舞,现代舞,芭蕾,Hip-Hop, 舞蹈特殊技术技巧等。詹姆斯有着突出精湛的舞蹈技术,在邢舞剧场舞团主要担任独舞,双人舞和重要舞剧角色的舞段。他曾是美国迪士尼舞台剧《狮子王》中担任舞蹈演员。


Section I:June 20 – July 1 (no class on weekend)

Section II: August 1 – August 12 (no class on weekend)

Age:9-12 years old, 13-above

Meal is not included in program

To Apply

 1. Student short bio or CV

2. A 1-2 minutes video of technique or dance.

3. Send CV and Video to info@xingdancetheater.com, the decision notice will be given in 48 hours.


Section I:June 20 – July 1 (no class on weekend) : $850 

Section II: August 1 – August 12 (no class on weekend) : $850

Bus pick up location:

Tysons, VA: 8:45AM-return 6:15PM
8478 Tyco Rd. Vienna, VA 22182

Rockville, MD: 9:15AM-return 5:45PM
100 Park Ave, Rockville, MD 20850