XDT Education

Xing Dance Theater Education provides training for all ages and abilities with custom curriculum designed to engage and foster growth at each level. 
The youth program is intended to develop students, providing them with the fundamentals to succeed as a college dance major. To support this, XDT Education includes a Student Dance Company to provide real life performances following a professional model. 
The adult program is geared to those who desire to learn and enhance their dance skills Fostering relationships and providing performance opportunities are core components of this program. 
As a service to our community, XDT launched a free community program for adults of all abilities to explore the joy of movement and build relationships with others in the community. This is an important aspect of reaching our vision of using Dance to bring people TOGETHER!  Dance is universal and allows for expression and understanding. Since founded in 2018, XDT Education has grown to over 100 students enrolled every semester, and several hundred students from the community have benefited from the XDT community dance classes.


XDT邢舞教育Xing Dance Theater邢舞剧场下属舞蹈教育团队。目前团队开设的课程有:中国地区面对专业舞蹈演员,教师和学生设立的邢舞工作坊大师课,美国马里兰州地区专业舞蹈演员的舞团课,马里兰大学舞蹈课,美国弗吉尼亚州和马里兰州地区与梁红舞蹈学校合作的少儿和成人舞蹈课。邢舞教育团队还长期致力于舞蹈理论,舞蹈社会课题,舞蹈与现代化科技结合,舞蹈与舞美,舞蹈教育课程设计等学术方面的学术研究。舞团成员定期受邀在全球各大学,舞团,和舞蹈节等教授大师课。邢舞教育是大华府地区唯一的专业舞团舞蹈教育机构。