Rockville Studio - Fall Term 2023

September 15th – December 18th

Class Schedule

4:30PM – 6:00PM Fundamental Strength & Conditioning
6:00PM – 7:30PM Ballet
7:30PM – 9:00PM Elite & Competitive Rehearsal

12:30PM – 2:00PM Ballet (Adult Class)
4:00PM – 5:30PM Ballet

10:30AM -11:30AM Acro
11:30AM – 1:30PM Technique
1:30PM – 2:30PM Fundamental
6:30PM – 8:30PM Dancing Sunday (Adult Class)

4:00PM-5:00PM Fundamental Ballet
5:00PM – 6:30PM Strength & Conditioning
6:30PM – 7:30PM Performance
7:30PM – 9:30PM Technique & Performance Class (Adult Class)

Tuition Rates

A comprehensive and affordable program designed to cultivate the dance skills and artistic potential of aspiring dancers. Our esteemed dance academy offers a range of classes taught by highly experienced instructors, ensuring a nurturing environment for students of all ages and skill levels. With our competitive tuition rates, we strive to make quality dance education accessible to everyone, without compromising the excellence of our curriculum. From introductory classes to advanced training, our flexible pricing options cater to individual needs and preferences. Join XDT Education today and embark on an enriching journey towards mastery in the art of dance.

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Fall Term 
(16 weeks)






Additional Classes 






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Class Description

Youth Classes

In this Acro class, students will learn a variety of acrobatic skills, focusing on developing flexibility, balance, coordination, and strength. From basic tumbling techniques to partner acrobatics, participants will explore a wide range of movements that require both physical and mental discipline.

This class focuses on intermediate barre work, center exercises, and across the floor combinations based in the Cuban methodology.

Rehearsal designed for students preparing for performance or competition. Elements of dance are polished in order to help students excel in their performance.

This class is designed to introduce the body to dance movement. In this class you will learn the basic steps to be able to take other dance techniques and perform.

This class focuses on fundamental barre work and center exercises, based on the Cuban methodology.

This class is designed to introduce students to improve posture, range of motion, flexibility, balance, agility and motor coordination focusing on strength and conditioning exercises.

Performance class improves the capacity and ability to work movement dynamics for students with previous experience dancing. In this class the student develops the skills to learn, memorize and perform choreographies with different dance techniques.

This class helps the students to improve posture, range of motion, flexibility, balance, agility and motor coordination focusing on strength and conditioning exercises. 

This class is focused on developing techniques for 13+ students. Class starts with center exercise for warmup and stretch work for strength and muscle resistance. And then combines jazz and acrobatic techniques for the across the floor section. Across the floor section would be focused on jumps, turns and tricks.  

Adult Classes

Class is open for adult students who love to dance. It begins with barre work and then develops into dance combinations on contemporary, jazz, and social dance techniques. The focus is to develop and improve performance skills as the students are then asked to dance on the floor.

This class emphasizes dancing with the entire body. The torso is trained to be strong and aligned, being the foundation of all movement. It will help students develop strength, elegance, and technical cleanliness.

This class is a fusion of contemporary, ballet and modern techniques that ends with a dance combination. It is recommended for adults with previous experience dancing.